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the most powerful mobile homepage
Search: Access over fifty different mobile-friendly search tools from a single search bar.   News: Choose from over 1,500 installed news sources and blogs, or add your own favorites.   Weather: Get 5-day forecasts globally.   Personal Links: Compose your own page of mobile links.   Sports Scores: Get in-game scores for your favorite teams.   Stock Quotes: Track your portfolio.   File Transfers: Install apps or transfer files to your phone.   Mobile Transcoder: Convert any website into mobile format.  
your personal mobile portal
Customize everything: Locations, search tools, links, news sources, colors, font-sizes, teams, stocks, blogs, mountains, airlines, languages, currencies, module order, pages, headlines, mobile conversions, page names, units, and more!
your travel portal
Maps: Get Google street maps and satellite maps for tens of thousands of cities. Currency Calculator: Perform conversions between your selected currencies.
Flight Status: Choose from 100,000 flights globally, by flight number or by route. Snow Conditions: Check the status of 1,200 ski resorts in 33 countries.   Currency Rates: Monitor exchange rates between dozens of currencies.  

“Better than iGoogle?... I'm quite impressed by KeyToss. It's always nice when a startup comes up with something that rivals the big boys like Google and Yahoo… I'd say KeyToss wins if you have a Treo or Blackberry...”
“…KeyToss, currently in beta, comes closer to reaching mobile portal perfection than any I have seen so far.”
“I've seen quite a few mobile portals in recent years, but this one is a keeper - it is fast, simple and easy to customize.”
“I was quite impressed.”
“it is fast and great to use.”
“we’re huge fans of Keytoss”
“What KeyToss offers that I love is, basically, a conduit for rapidly sharing my desktop session with my smartphone… On the whole, KeyToss is an awesome service. It's free, not dependent on any particular OS (desktop or mobile), and very fast and clean. Give this service a try!”
“…I actually dig KeyToss quite a bit.”
“I have been a long-time user of Bloglines web-based RSS; and, always preferred it to RSS applications. However, I have gladly switched over to KeyToss, and strongly recommend it… If you want to have just the content you want...the way you want it...when you want it, then take a look at KeyToss. I think you'll like what you see.”
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